Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots

Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots

Wager and start spinning from anywhere

Note: This app features casino style games that let you use in-app purchases to win virtual currency. View full description

Note: This app features casino style games that let you use in-app purchases to win virtual currency.

From Mystic Slots Casino, this colourful set of online slot games is a must for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of playing on the reels.

Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots lets players pick up and start spinning from anywhere, with Microgaming enabled play that makes for smooth animation and incredibly fast-paced game mechanics. Inspired by ancient lands and legendary kings and queens, Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots is guaranteed to draw you in, with beautiful graphics, immersive sound and stunning sound effects.

Players receive free spins just for downloading this app, letting them start making wagers and spinning from the off. It's incredibly easy to get started with Enchanted Garden, with simple wagering limits and betting rules, letting players learn the basics of placing a good bet.

You can experience all the thrills of a real life casino when you play Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots, with dozens of individual pay lines to take advantage of, not to mention a bundle of bonuses, multipliers and other perks that'll see even a modest prize kitty transform into a serious jackpot.

For serious players looking to see just how high they can score, there's an auto play and auto bet feature, letting players stake their maximum wager and leave the reels to spin themselves. You can sit back and marvel at the amazing animations, or find news way to win with exclusive bonus rounds and extra games to grab even more free spins and load up the winning kitty.

It's incredibly easy to get started with this online slot, with instantly familiar mechanics and controls. Optimized for touchscreen devices, this is the only slot you'll ever need downloaded to your Android or tablet.

You can earn up to 200x your initial stake, meaning impressive jackpots are never that far away. With thousands of active players online at any one time, there's plenty of others to pit your score against and see who comes out on time. Be sure to post your best scores and jackpots to the hall of fame to see how you rate, or publish your scores to social and get online friends in on the act.

Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots


Babylon Enchanted Garden Slots